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Buffered C Powder


  • SKU: C155
  • Product form: Powder
  • Size: 8.15 oz (231 g)
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with calcium, magnesium, and potassiun

  • a buffered vitamin C supplement for individuals with a sensitive or compromised digestive system*
  • a water-soluble antioxidant*
  • provides immune support*
  • helps maintain healthy bones and connective tissue*
  • the easiest way to take a higher amount of vitamin C
  • Click here to order the Thorne Shaker Bottle.
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Product Description

Product Description

High amounts of vitamin C – several grams daily – have been advocated for optimizing both immune function and antioxidant support.* Evidence for the efficacy of consuming high amounts of ascorbic acid is due in large part to the groundbreaking research conducted in the 1970s and 1980s by two-time Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling, PhD.

Taking high amounts of vitamin C can be a challenge for individuals who have sensitive or compromised digestive systems. For these individuals, Thorne Research has developed Buffered C Powder. Each scoop supplies the same pure, crystalline vitamin C found in Thorne Research’s Pure Ascorbic Acid, along with a blend of calcium, magnesium, and potassium mineral ascorbates that serve as a buffer, allowing sensitive individuals to take large amounts of vitamin C with ease and comfort. In addition to 2,350 mg of vitamin C in each scoop, Buffered C Powder provides 350 mg each of calcium and magnesium and 99 mg of potassium.


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